About Us

About US

Nobody knows when their situation will worsen; in these circumstances, we need financial assistance. You simply can’t stop thinking about how to satisfy your irresistible desire for money. To assist you with your financial challenges and needs, banks have provided loans. You are in need of a loan, and many private companies and financial institutions are willing to give it too. Loansguroo reaches out to help common people in getting the best loans with the best terms, from various banks. Rajkumar (Raju)  founded the company on 1st May, 2021. He has consistently given assistance by sharing others’ worries and giving his clients the best advice. The staff members of the company work well together.

Loansguroo is a connector between money lenders (banks and NBFCs) and clients. We, the Loansguroo provide all of our facilities free of charge to our people. The best part is that you don’t need to spare your extra time to avail loan. You can take advantage of all of our online facilities and get loans as per your requirement, sitting at home from many best banks.